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Vitamin  H   D-BIOTIN CAS 58-85-5  VITAMINS
Melatonine Sodium Hyaluronate

Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co Ltd, which is specialized in offering Cosmetic & Food ingredients, is in the leading position of providing natural ingredients and nutrition supplements for more than 10 years. The ingredients are used primarily by food, pharmaceutical, health food, flavor and beverage manufacturers.
All our Products are manufactured by most advanced facilities and all necessary analytical equipments (NMR, HPLC, GS, Axima CFR Plus) and conform to the standards of HACCP,ISO9001/22000 ,USP34,EP6.
Now Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co Ltd has grown to be one of the leading suppliers for cosmetic & food ingredients in China. The products have being exported to more than 50 countries ( Europe, America, etc) with the comprehensive quality control measures which are integrated into all aspects of the manufacturing process from the initial inspection of materials to the final checking before shipment, therefore we can guarantee our clients with further reliability.
Quality and service are our driving forces .With the principle of Credit First and Mutual Benefits, we are ready to supply existing ingredient requirements based on our core values of high quality products, competitive price, customer-focused service, professional tech-supports and supply security. Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co Ltd is passionate about working with your development team to supply creative and innovative ingredients for you.

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